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Reasons to Lease

Our building is home to Rabba convenience, a 24 hour convenience store selling fruit and all your last-minute amenities. We are also home to RBC financial, West View Realty, the Consulate General of Ukraine, Russian Vodka, Eastern Power, Roberto hair Salon, and Marina Cleaners. In addition, many we have many professional offices housing accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, software and computer engineers, real estate and related services, architects, engineers, and marketing.

There are a lot of excellent reasons why you should have your executive business office presence here. They all make very good business sense for your company. Here's just a few of them

  • Great Rates!

    Get a turn-key business office presence of distinction and class, without paying the astronomical rates of downtown. You can open a completely functional office in just a few days!
  • More Space for Less Money!

    Rental rates for office space downtown will deflate your company profits rapidly. You will not be able to obtain much space for the money you pay either! But at the Marina Del Rey Professional Center, our competitive rental price structure is designed with tenant business in mind, so you can get much more space - or pay a lot less for the same size of space.
  • Peaceful and Attractive Setting!

    New, high-finish, well-maintained building located at the waterfront is a location ideal for any business. Also, our office building is located with easy access to Downtown Toronto and various suburbs. It is reachable by Go Train (a 10‐minute walk) and the TTC, with a street car that stops right in front of the building. The location of the office makes it accessible to the Lake Shore Waterfront and accompanying marina and yacht clubs. The Humber Bay Park West Trail allows people to bike or walk from Oakville to the Toronto beaches, and passes along the west side of the building, bringing a lot of pedestrian and traffic. It is an overall serene and beautiful location.
  • Access to Freeways Connecting Downtown Toronto & Various Other Cities

    If you are in a rush, or of you would like to take the leisurely route, our office building is strategically located adjacent to the Gardiner expressway, Lakeshore Blvd road and The Queensway. It is also easily accessible through Highway 427 and 401. If you are looking to avoid the downtown rush while enjoy the luxury and comfort of Downtown Toronto, visit us today for viewing or schedule an appointment!
  • Access to GO Train & GO Bus Stations

    Mimico GO Train Station Stop at Royal York Road and Lakeshore Blvd West provides convenient 24/7 access to the neighborhood via GO train. Additionally, our location is easily accessible through Mimico GO Bus station with a 5 minute walk.
  • On-site Facilities and Staff.

    We provide our tenants with a professional receptionist, meeting areas including access to multiple board rooms, facilities to run your photocopies and collate your marketing material, modern kitchen facilities, and on-site retail services for your banking, food, dry-cleaning, hairdressing and grooming needs, and even a convenience store. Nearby, there are also excellent ethnic and fast-food restaurants, car repair facilities, a pharmacy, and the huge Ontario Food Terminal is a 3-minute drive.
  • Our Offices are Already Furnished!

    Depending on individual tenant needs, we provide fully furnished office spaces. If tenants decide to bring their own furniture, the existing furniture will be placed in storage for future use if needed.

    Are you interested but not ready to sign a lease yet? Are you just starting out as a small company and need an office or conference room to meet with clients? We offer Hourly office space rental programs for this exact purpose. If you are looking to rent an office space or conference room for a few hours, please get in touch with us and we will try to accommodate your request.

    We provide our tenants with FREE shared Internet. If you are a small business owner or a start up company looking to save money on internet, we provide this service FREE OF CHARGE* to all our tenants. While the actual connection speed may vary, it is definitely more than adequate for day-to-day office use. Tenants who prefer to bring their own internet connection are also welcome to do so.
  • No Long-Term Contracts.

    Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for decades, it's always better to be able to adjust to business changes quickly. Need to expand in a few months? No problem. We can accommodate your requests quickly and easily.
  • Fewer Bills to Manage.

    We look after your rent, power, cleaning, taxes, maintenance, professional reception staff, and security for you. All with just 1 bill, for the same amount every month.
  • Mailing, Courier, and Pick-Up Services.

    Need to have someone available to provide a package to a courier, or need to have someone ready to accept inbound courier packages, etc? We do that, all as part of the service at the Marina del Rey Professional Center.
  • ID Program:

    For individuals or companies that require an office address, receipt of mail and the occasional location to meet a client, we do offer an ID program. The cost for this is negotiated on a monthly basis with previously agreed upon access to boardroom and business lounge. Price will be determined based on expected use of the building and its facilities.
  • A Location 'To Die For'!

    Tired of fighting traffic into the downtown core? Tired of the noise pollution of the downtown core? Here, all you'll hear are birds singing and waves lapping. There's even a butterfly habitat, and a wildflower meadow that's part of the neighborhood!
  • Reduce Travel Time Into the Downtown Core.

    If you're inbound from a location west of Toronto, the Marina del Rey Professional Center is at LEAST 30 minutes closer in drive-time, than downtown. This will provide you, your colleagues and your clients with easy access to your office and ensure appointments are never delayed due to traffic.
  • Are you a Sailer or a Boater?

    You could moor your boat within a few hundred meters of an office at the Marina del Rey Professional Center. With more than 650 boat slips within a 10-minute walk, its also an ideal location for nautical-based businesses! It could also give you quick and easy access to 'transient' boaters, as they pass through.
  • A Vibrant and Expanding Neighbourhood!

    Right now there are over 7,000 families in the immediate neighborhood, but expect that to triple in the next 5 years, as numerous condominium projects already under construction are completed. There are actually 79 FLOORS worth of condos presently under construction. Wow! If you're looking for a residence address that could be close to a business address, there are presently TEN new condo projects under construction within a 1 mile arc of our Executive Office Center. There are already many other luxury condos that have been built here in the last decade. You can enjoy waterfront living and a waterfront office, just a few steps from each other. The Marina del Rey Professional Center ia a great location for financial services advisors, planners, etc. You can offer clients a walk-in environment, instead of fighting traffic and parking downtown.

* Hourly rates and Availability of hourly rental rooms are subject to change without notice.
** Subject to change. Management reserves the right to monitor usage to avoid one tenant from dominating the usage